Pansy's Day Out to The London Fetish Fair

Some Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers love public humiliation and I have to admit that I rather enjoy it too. I'm told it's a fantastic feeling wetting your nappy in public!


Adult baby-sissy-public humiliation in London UK

Here's some pics of when I took Pansy to the London Fetish Fair.. she was very shy and embarrassed and we had some great fun. I made her try on a corset and she did love the attention from two very attractive sales ladies fussing over her and fitting her into a beautiful corset... although of course she pretended that she didn't like all the fuss!

Diaper-Lover-Public-humiliation in a sissy corset at London Fetish Fair with nanny Betty from Chigwell, Essex


Sissy dressed as adult-baby in public


Nanny Betty takes an adult baby dressed as a sissy to the London Fetish Fair

I made Pansy suck a big lollipop while we browsed the stalls!

Adult Baby AB/DL sucking a lollipop for public humiliation with Nanny Betty in London

You should have seen Pany's red face when I put her over my knee and spanked her bottom in front of everyone.. especially when I pointed out several ladies were laughing at her!


If you have fantasized about public humiliation I would love to take you out dressed - either as a big sissy adult baby girl like Pansy or more discreetly with a nappy and plastic pants on under your normal clothes. For shy adult babies and diaper lovers - I can take you to a quiet local park at night for a play on the swings, roundabout and slide - it's a lot of fun!

Nanny Betty XX