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Adult Baby Sitting Service with Adult Baby Amy

Dear Nanny Betty, and Baby Amy,
Thank you very much for the pics you sent me from Saturdays truly memorable,fun visit I thorghly enjoyed every moment of your tender loving Nanny care, and having Baby Amy to share the fun and baby games with. It was a great visit and time flew by so next time will definately have to stay longer. And any Baby lucky enough to have visted you before will agree your a trully beautifull Nanny, who is down to earth , understanding,friendly, fun lady. Also Baby Amy is a gorgeous, friendly, understanding and fun lady too. Cant wait to enjoy another fun time with you two again soon. Below is a brief account of Saturdays amazing fun visit.

Adult Baby Babysitting Service

Baby Jenny Meets Adult Baby Amy At Nanny Betty's ABDL Nursery Essex London

I arrived 10mins early for my visit and was greeted by the heavenly sight of the drop dead gorgeous Nanny Betty dressed in a sexy pvc dress and thigh boots. She immediately welcomed me, and got me a drink she then introduced me to the beautiful Baby Amy and after a brief chat we started the babysitting session. Nanny stripped me off and laid me on the changing pad and put me in a nappy and plastic pants, then I was dressed in a pink pvc dress and frilly socks. Next I helped Nanny put Amy in her first ever nappy and she was also dressed in a matching pink pvc outfit. While nanny was getting our milk ready we played a couple of games on the floor and nanny said the winner could have their bottle first. I won this and Nanny fed me my bottle whilst I lay with my head in her lap which was very comforting and relaxing. Then Amy had the same treatment which she thoroughly enjoyed. Nanny then annouced since she had two babies to take care of it would be fun to have a nappy wetting competion with the winner getting a special treat. Amy and I both sat on the settee whilst cuddling each other and watching kids tv. After we both had a nappy change Nanny prepared our lunch. We all went upstairs to the nursery, Nanny put our bibs on and I sat in the highchair whilst Amy sat on the bed. Nanny fed us both and gave us more bottles of juice. By this time we were both in wet nappies again, after a nappy change Nanny also changed both our outfits , into matching pink satin dresses and plastic pants, we were then put to bed together in the cot. We were both really enjoying the baby care from our loving nanny, Amy and I were cuddling each other and having a great time. Amy said she really was enjoying being a baby for the a change. Amy and I were both being very good babies so far, so i suggested that maybe we should be a bit naughty, Amy agreed and we both started rubbing each others nappies and plastic pants. We were both enjoying this very much and then we heard Nanny Betty approaching the nursery, so we quickly stopped and just cuddled. Nanny came in the nursery and said we looked very cute snuggling together in the cot, we both just giggled at this comment. Then nanny said I will back in 10 mins to get you up and left the nursery again. We both started being naughty again and Amy grabbed some baby oil from the shelf to help her play with me. We were both getting a bit carried away having fun. Then we suddenly heard Nanny coming back, so we quickly stopped again. But Nanny could tell we had been up to something, and asked what all the noises had been coming from the nursery, We both just giggled and laughed again. Nanny said I know you have been up to something by the mischevious look on Amys face and Jenny couldnt stop giggling. Nanny said I should punish you two but I am not sure what for. Then we both laid down with head in nannys lap and had more bottles of juice, with nanny trying to get us to confess, also Nanny found the baby oil out of its usual place and guessed what had been going on. We all went back downstairs and had our nappies changed again. Then nanny checked the weight of each of our carrier bags which contained all of our wet nappies to see who had won the nappy wetting competion. Jenny won this but nanny decided as it was Amys first ever time as a baby she had done very well and giving me close competion. So she rewarded both of us and fed us a creme caramel treat. Then I put me head in Nannys lap, relaxed and looked lovingly into the eyes of my beautiful Nanny as she fed me my last bottle of juice. We then all shared a three way hug with me sitting on nannys lap. And that was a lovelly ending to a trully wonerful babysitting session of which all three of us had thoroughly enjoyed and had loads of fun and laughs. I kept my last nappy on and dressed to return to the real world. Back to reality until the next time.

Lots of Love And Big hugs to you Both

Baby Jenny xx February 2010

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