Adult Baby, Infantilism and Diaper Fetish Explained by Nanny Betty

I am not a psychiatrist or medical professional - these are just my own opinions based on experience of being an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Nanny/Mummy/Professional

You may be pleased to hear that I have found that people with these fetishes tend to be highly intelligent and also really nice! .. well the one's I've met anyway. Enjoy the article.

Adult Babies and Infantilism

The official term is paraphilic infantilism (infantilism) but that does make it sound a bit stuffy and medical! In my experience, there are all sorts of adult babies but the information below may be useful - especially if you thought you were all alone in your interests!

Dressing up as an Adult Baby Girl

The majority of AB's like to dress up as an adult baby girl in sissy adult baby clothes - often pink satin with lots of ribbons, frills and bows - especially if the dress is very short and shows the frilly adult plastic pants - while some AB's prefer to dress as an adult baby boy or switch between the two. Very often this is combined with being 'forced' to dress as an adult baby and may involve Nanny, Aunty or Mummy giving lots of verbal humiliation. My experience of female adult babies is very limited but it would appear that females sometimes prefer to dress as an adult baby boy.

White Quilted Adult Baby Clothes

Less commonly, AB's may have a fetish with white quilted items like adult pram suits, cot bumpers and quilts.

Just chillin' wearing an Adult Diaper (Nappy)

Some AB's do not want to dress up at all and just wear an adult nappy (diaper) and plastic pants and indulge in age roleplay. The nappies (diapers) are almost always a part of the fantasy - and usually wetting the nappy and having it changed often too with baby powder and nappy cream being rubbed in by Nanny.

Verbal Humiliation, Punishment and being Forced

I would say that maybe 70% or more of the adult babies that come to see me enjoy being verbally humiliated and forced to dress and behave as an adult baby or adult child. This may well include over-the-knee (otk) spanking either with my hand, a wooden paddle, hairbrush and occassionally also a good caning. The punishment is very often merely humiliating rather than excessively painful - though occassionally some adult babies enjoy a very severe spanking.

Head Mistress and Adult School Girl or Boy

Although often a completely different (domination) scene - some adult babies also enjoy the old school discipline of school roleplay. Where Head Mistress forces them to write out repetitive lines as punishment, do homework and be made to stand in the corner before they are spanked, slippered or caned... often while they are wearing an adult school uniform and perhaps school knickers. When this scenario is enjoyed it is often the preamble to being forced to being an adult baby girl... ie much younger adult baby.

I have an adult size girls's school uniform and a Head Mistress uniform if this sounds like fun.

Cross-dressing, TV's and Lingerie

Sometimes part of the adult baby fantasy is to grow up into a teenage girl and be trained in the ways of being soft, feminine and Lady-like. This could include dressing in lingerie and women's clothes, applying and wearing make-up and false nails, deportment lessons and learning to walk in high heels. Sometimes the fantasy is not to be so Lady-like lol but to be trained to be a slut!

I have wigs, make-up, breast forms, corsets and lingerie - if this sounds exciting to you!

Infantilism and Age Play

Very often, but certainly not always, adult babies enjoy age play - some like to do baby-talk, some like to play games, some may behave as naughty adult toddlers and have play temper tantrums. Some like to watch children's TV and DVD's, play games and go to the park. Part of the age play usually involves spoon feeding by Nanny and either bottle feeding or breastfeeding. Note my friend Aunty Amy does the adult baby breastfeeding as I do not. Adult babies are put into an adult sized cot for a nap, put in an adult sized highchair for meals and bathed before bed just like a real (adult) baby! While punishment, spanking and humiliation may be important for some adult babies - other adult babies like nothing more than lots of TLC and cuddles from Nanny or Mummy.. and I am strong enough to bounce you on my knee!

Diaper Fetish

While most adult babies like to wear an adult nappy or diaper not all people with a diaper fetish like to dress up or roleplay as an adult baby. They generally continue to be 'adult' but enjoy the feel of the nappy (diaper) and the sensation and thought of wetting it and being changed. The popular term for a diaper fetishist is a "Diaper Lover," or simply a "DL". Diaper fetishism is a type of sexual fetishism - though there are no hard and fast rules with any of this and I find that not everyone that loves to wear an adult nappy gets sexually excited by it - some adult babies and diaper lovers just love to feel pampered, relaxed and taken care of.

Diaper fetishism, or diaperism, is a paraphilia in which a person feels a strong desire to wear or use diapers/ nappies - there is usually no actual physical incontinence problem - they just feel either very relaxed while wearing and/or wetting their nappy (diaper) or more often very sexually aroused. In my experience, diaper WETTING is often but not always part of the fetish - it occassionally simply involves wearing a soft, fluffy terry nappy and masturbating while hearing certain words repeated... eg fluffy nappy.. or sometimes just wearing the adult plastic pants and chilling out. I have both disposable adult baby nappies (diapers) and adult traditional terry nappies (diapers) - and both are very popular.


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