Nanny Betty's Adult Baby Nursery




Baby Nappy Change Video

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Nanny Betty reading to a good adult baby

Nanny Betty Reading to an Adult Baby

Nanny Betty ready for a naughty adult baby

Nanny Betty Over the Knee Spanking

You can relax and play on the padded Play Mat

AB on the Play Mat

The adult sized highchair where either real baby food or grown-up meals are served.

A big Sissy Adult Baby Girl in the highchair at Nanny Betty's Nursery in Chigwell, Essex-London UK

The adult sized cot is so comfortable.. with restraints if you are naughty!

Adult Baby in Cot Restraints

Ah, adult babies are so sweet when they are tucked up for a good night's sleep in a fresh nappy and plastic pants, smelling of baby powder after their bath!

Adult baby asleep in Cot at Nanny Betty's Adult Baby Nursery Chigwell, Essex London UK

This nappy is completely full of wee wee's

Diaper Lover wearing a Wet Adult Disposable Nappy

Nanny has so many soft, white and very fluffy Terry Nappies and soft thick Terry Soakers too!

Terry Nappy

Amy sometimes likes to be an adult baby girl too

Adult baby girl Amy


Lots of baby powder and barrier cream prevent nappy rash but naughty babies still get a sore bottom anyway from a spank!

Adult baby - diaper lover toiletries for nappy changing at Nanny betty's Nursery in Chigwell, Essex-London UK

On with some nice, large, noisy plastic pants and then it's time for a cuddle.

Nanny Betty will be happy to feed you, Nanny has feeding bottles, bibs, baby food and baby cutlery. Just about anything a baby would need at meal times

Hungry babies get spoon-fed and most babies come back for Nanny's own home-made rice pudding, If you don't like rice pudding, don't worry, there's always lovely flapjacks or jam pudding and custard.  Or for naughty babies Nanny's own pureed spinach! Nanny Betty does not do breast feeding as she finds a bottle is best for her figure!

Adult Baby Nappy Change

Nanny Betty absolutely adores pampering and mothering her adult babies and dressing them up in sissy adult baby clothes.  With a huge choice to choose from – often one outfit just isn't enough.  Nanny has both traditional terry nappies and disposable nappies and lots of styles of plain and frilly plastic pants. 

Although Nanny is very caring, she also loves to punish naughty babies. Nanny would gladly put you over her knee for a bare bottom spanking either by hand, the hairbrush/paddle or a leather strap or cane. Nanny will make you stand in the corner with your hands on your head, for as long as she deems fit.

  Older adult children are also welcome at Nanny Betty's Nursery, however their regime is much stricter.  Homework is set and supervised and slow or sloppy work deserves a good traditional caning and lines.  Older naughty children always go home with a red, sore bottom. A girl's school uniform is available for older girls.

Adult baby over the knee Spanking


Bathtime routine involves a relaxing, warm bath where Nanny will wash you thoroughly including your hair.  If you have been good, you will then be allowed to play in the bath for a while, before Nanny dries, powders you and dresses you for bed including a nice clean nappy.

Nanny Betty lets GOOD adult babies and diaper lovers play with the plastic ducks in the bath.

Playtime at Nanny's is always such fun as she has a selection of toys, colouring books and crayons.  If you have a special teddy or doll, Nanny would be very happy for you to bring it with you, providing you are good that is.

If you are a clever baby – Nanny may even teach you basic Photoshop skills so that you can play on the computer making Nanny's photos look very funny.

Nanny Betty will read you a relaxing bedtime story and give you a goodnight cuddle.  Of course, not all babies go straight to sleep, so Nanny has a selection of DVD's for you to watch until you drop off to sleep.  Thumb sucking is not allowed and you will be given a dummy to suck if you cannot stop.

A selection of some of the lovely sissy outfits you may wear when you visit - there are many more Adult Baby clothes including adult training pants for around your ankles while you sit on the potty.

Adult Baby Sissy clothes at Nanny Betty's Nursery Chigwell, Essex London UK

Adult Babies and DL's love browsing through the many outfits in the wardrobe at the nursery.

Adult baby boy and Girl clothes at Nanny Betty's Nursery Chigwell, Essex London UK

Pink Satin Lockable Plastic Pants

Lockable Plastic PantsLockable Pants

Pink Sissy Dress with Matching Rhumba Pants

Pink Adult Baby DressSissy Rhumba Pants

Cute Unisex Onesie

Unisex Cute OnesieUnisex Cute Onesie

Cute Chicken towelling romper for baby boys

Towelling Romper1Towelling Romper back

Plastic pink adult baby dress with satin mittens and reins

Plastic Adult Baby dress

Traditional adult baby boy smart velvet outfit

Adult baby boy traditional velvet outfit

Blue Satin Adult Baby Dress

Blue Satin Adult Baby Dress

Beautiful Glistening White and Pink Organza Dress -

it's just so Cute and Girly!

Adult Baby Organza DressWhite and Pink Organza Adult Baby Dress

You will look so sweet in this Bo Peep Dress!

Sissy Dress at Nanny Betty's Adult Baby NurseryLittle Bo Peep Adult Baby Dress

Wow - all Ribbons and Bows - so pretty.

Pink ribbons and Bows for AB SissyPretty Adult baby Girl dress

A big Onesy Romper for a big Baby!

A big Onesy for adult babyadult baby dressed for nap time

So pretty all in Pink.

Pretty Pink adult baby sissy dressWhat a cute Sissy dress

Pretty Red and White Cotton Gingham with matching knickers and mob cap for a sweet little girl.

Adult Baby Girl dressRed and White Gingham AB Dress

Pretty Pink and White Checks and Frills

Smart pink and white checks sissy adult baby dressAdult baby girls clothes

What a sissy in pink satin!

Pink satin Adult Baby DressSissy Adult Baby Girl

Lockable Plastic Pants!

Lockable Plastic Pants for naughty adult babies and diaper lovers

Old fashioned Honey Bear plastic pants

Plastic Pants

Pink satin, frilly plastic pants

Pink frilly plastic pants

There are many more lovely outfits and plastic pants at the nursery - which you are welcome to browse through at the nursery.